Thursday, October 11, 2007

Restoran Orkid Ria, Pantai Cenang, Langkawi, Kedah

7th October 2007, afternoon. Went to Pantai Cenang for some last-minute duty-free shopping at The Zon mall.....our loot.... 2 bottles of Chivas and chocolates.

Today, we were going to have our last lunch in Langkawi before flying back to KL. We decided to dine at the Pantai Cenang area as it was closer to our hotel and to the airport than say, some place like Kuah town. Restoran Orkid Ria looked cozy and crowded on that rainy day, so we went in to try.

View of our table, I like the quaint checkered table cloth.

We had fried chicken since hubby-to-be complained about not having had any meat for days. (It had been all seafood, seafood, seafood!) The fried chicken cost RM12.00, quite expensive for a mere chicken whole-leg (drumstick + thigh, deboned). It tasted really good though, with a hint of curry powder, crunchy skin and juicy meat.

This was something of a novelty, sizzling oyster on a hotplate. It's basically like o' chien (oyster omelette), except wetter. RM10.00 per plate. I enjoyed this dish full of baby oysters bursting in my mouth with each bite.

We divvied up the tomyam prawns and for RM16.00 it came to exactly 2 small bowls. It had a strong lemon taste, which was somewhat unusual for tomyam, I am more used to the lime taste rather than lemon. The prawns were consolably large for the price we paid. Tomyam is always a favourite, lemony or otherwise.

Restoran Orkid Ria
Lot 1225, Jalan Pantai Cenang,
07000 Langkawi,
Kedah, Malaysia
Tel: 04-9554128

Our rating system for overall satisfaction with what we eat and where we eat....

1-bam = don't even bother
2-bam = good enough to fill the tummy
3-bam = a very good restaurant in its category
4-bam = excellent cooking, worth a detour
5-bam = exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey

We would give this restaurant a 3-bam rating.


Precious Pea said...

Ooooo...Langkawi!!! I love Langkawi too for its seafood but then again, i find it's not exactly that cheap as compared to KL.

The tom yum looks fiery hot! you make me feels like going to to make some bookings to Langkawi. Hahaha!

Jessica said...

hi precious pea.....if you ever go visit langkawi, do let me know...I'll send you the list of restaurants (with addresses) we compiled prior to the trip!

Anonymous said...

hai..haha..i just read finish your post...Orkid Ria..!! are delicious!!..thank for the comment about Orkid Ria...i am a stuff from Orkid Ria...thank...