Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wonderland Food Store, Kuah, Langkawi, Kedah

While researching and compiling our Langkawi restaurants-to-visit list, Wonderland Food Store popped up time and again. It's even in The Star's Guide to Malaysian Street Food. "Amazingly cheap and nice", is what it's famous for.

6th October 2007, evening. We finally found the shop, which was quite hard to locate if you are not a Langkawi native. I know Uncle M would never dine was next to a big (odourless) river/"longkang" which leads to the sea. In fact, there was an entire row of seafood restaurants in the same locale, and people were happily munching away at their food, "longkang" notwithstanding. Greedy as we were, we joined the crowd.

Again we wanted to eat crabs, but found out that Wonderland only serves flower crabs (RM35/kg), not mud crabs. Flower crabs...not exactly meaty, hence we decided against it.

We had the mantis prawns kung pao style. Lovely, crunchy, fresh mantis prawns deep fried and coated in a sweet and spicy (from the dried chillies) sauce. Rm 8.00 for a small portion.

Everywhere we go must eat lala, my current craze. Chilli lala, also RM8.00. I loved the taste of the sauce, my only complaint is that the lala had more empty shells than meat. Oh well, I spent a lot of time de-gravying the empty shells.

I guess the only dish which was not so worth it was the grilled prawns served with chilli-assam paste. The 6 medium-sized white prawns cost us RM9.50 (priced according to weight). I had expected larger prawns at that price. Taste-wise, it was pretty mundane as well, I could tell the prawns were not the day's catch.

The restaurant has a 2-page menu, so if you're interested about how much dishes cost here, check the menu out....the fixed-price dishes typically range from RM8.00 (small), RM10.00 (medium) to RM14.00 (large).

Menu page 1

Menu page 2

Wonderland Food Store

Lot 179, 180, 181 Pusat Perniagaan Kelana Mas,

Jalan Trimula, Kuah,

07000 Langkawi,

Kedah, Malaysia.

Tel: 012-6230441

Our rating system for overall satisfaction with what we eat and where we eat....

1-bam = don't even bother
2-bam = good enough to fill the tummy
3-bam = a very good restaurant in its category
4-bam = excellent cooking, worth a detour
5-bam = exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey

We would give this restaurant a 3-bam rating.

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K said...

i just get back on Jan 2011. is entirely a 1-BAM rating. Don't go there !

i can get the food at half the price and 10x better taste in kuah.

Go sungai besar restaurant!