Monday, October 8, 2007

Ramadan Bazaar @ Kuah Town, Langkawi Kedah

Friday 5th October 2007. It was a clear blue day in Langkawi.

Having had a late lunch, we wandered around Kuah town, and stumbled upon a Ramadan bazaar nearby.
It's located next to the Kuah Town Market.

A stall selling all sorts of curry dishes, lined with huge woks on charcoal stoves.

Some kind of meat curry.

Korma dish.....this one smelled yummy!

Jellies in boxes.

Jelly with lychee bits.

Watermellon-shaped jelly.....realistic down to the spongy texture. Before cutting.

After cutting.

Pumpkin with custard filling. Never seen this before, until now.

Close-up of the custard-filled pumpkin.

Rows of sata (not satay) on the grill. RM1.00 for a stick of four satas.

Thicker-than-usual murtabak with lots of filling.

Price of murtabak, about the same as KL.

Nasi tomato with gorgeous red chicken pieces.

Green (pandan flavoured) tofu fah.

Long row of assorted kuih, as far as the camera lense can capture.

The dishes were so colourful, I had to take a shot. perennial favourite, this time in curry style.

Sotong (squid) sambal.........crimson heaven!

BBQ signboard on stall, I'm guessing it's tandoori flavoured.

Huge pile of coconuts.

Air nira nipah (nipah sugar water). Each packet costs a cool RM3.00, it's supposed to be pure undiluted juice from the nipah palm. I have been wanting to try this for a long time, and we both finally did! The first greedy slurp had me gagging.....I expected it to taste like coconut water (something to that effect anyway), instead, it tasted like chicken backside (or rather, what I imagine chicken backside to taste like). It's deceptively vile. Never again! Ever!

Deep-fried quails.

They even sell deep-fried chicken bits (neck and feet)!

Popiah in the oil.

Lemang.....glutinous rice barbequed in bamboo.

Lemang price list.

A plethora of fish on the grill.

More fish.

Hardtail scad fish bursting with sambal filling.

Ulam bar.

More ulam (raw/semi raw vegetables for a Malay-style spicy salad).

Kerabu bar. Everything at RM2.00/packet.

Mango kerabu. Yum!

Cow's stomach kerabu....too "exotic" for us.

This was my favourite stall, Geopark tandoori chicken. It's also one of the most popular stalls, the chicken was sold out real quick.

Tandoori chicken, RM4.00 per piece. Tastes really good, I think they must have marinated the chicken overnight as the flavour soaked right into the flesh.


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Anonymous said...

nipah sugar h2o your thingo?

Jessica said...

shirley - all the more reason to visit!

um - me no liko nipah thingo.

Geopark Tandoori said... glad to hear that you said geopark tandoori chicken was your favourite one. We were not marinated the chicken overnight but we prepared fresh chicken early morning and sell in the evening..For your information, this year's price is RM5 to RM6 per piece.Feel free to visit our stall again in Kuah town :)