Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ramadan Bazaar @ Section 14, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

We are both addicted to the sweet bubur desserts sold by one of the stalls here. They have huge pots of this stuff every day, and if you come a bit later (say around 6.00pm), chances are, some of the varieties would already be sold out. We keep coming back to this Ramadan bazaar just for the bubur alone. Each packet costs RM2.00.

Sago and green beans....with lots of santan.

Sago and bananas........with lots of santan. Scrapping the bottom of the barrel.
Santan with lots of sliced jellies, tapioca bits, cendol, jackfruit, sago and sweet potatoes floating around.....I would call it bubur chacha but the stall owner calls it something else. This is my favourite due to the variety of ingredients.

The stall selling the sweet bubur desserts......notice the huge pots....many almost empty.

A variety of fish and squid being grilled on the hotplate.

And lala which was sold out in 5 minutes.

Here's the seafood price list.

A table full of different curry dishes for Nasi Padang.

Nasi Padang price list.

Daging masak merah.......with a really pink tinge.

Ayam percik....the regular parts.

Ayam percik........the "other end" of the chicken.

Ayam percik.........innards.
Hahaha this pricing board made us laugh.....see the last item listed.

Kuih talam on board the mothership.

All cow parts for the sup gearbox.

The long ones are cow tongues ok.

Cow stomach. Moooo.

Cucur ikan bilis (anchovy) batter.

Cucur ikan bilis after a swim in hot oil.

Ok this speaks for itself. Never eaten this though....wonder what fruits are used to make this.

Good old nasi lemak.

Rows of ready-cooked dishes.

Popiah basah, there's always a lot of people queueing up at this stall.

Ramadan Bazaar Section 14
Along Jalan 14/28
Section 14, Petaling Jaya

If you are coming from Jaya supermarket which is behind you, Digital Mall will be on your left. Go straight for a short distance more and you will see the Ramadan Bazaar on your left. Can't miss it, the popiah basah stall is at the entrance and it's always crowded.

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chocolatesuze said...

aw yumyumyum that all looks so delicious! hehe i like your use of 'on the mothership'