Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Airplane food, MH090 to Newark

It was another long haul flight, this time to Newark, en route to Boston. Here's what I munched away on, on board the MAS flight over a period of nearly 24 hours, business class.....
For brunch......On the menu it reads: grilled chicken chop enhanced with mushroom sauce, sauteed potato with onion, buttered broccoli and carrots. I think this was a misnomer as the chicken was breaded and fried, not grilled. Tasted good though.
Hazelnut cake with chocolate sauce......didn't eat much of this as it was too dry to me, and had too much cinnamon.

For spread of starters.

Garlic bread fresh from the oven.

The appetiser, hot salmon pepper complemented with balsamic vinnaigrette dressing. I rarely like salmon as the ones I've tasted had all been uber fishy, but this one was great, tasted very fresh sans the fishy taste.

Chicken and beef satay with extra luscious peanut sauce.

The obligatory fruits.

The entree that I chose, braised prime ribs country style served with sauce, Anna potatoes, flame roasted vegetables and sauteed button mushrooms. The beef ribs were melt-off-the-bones tender, and still very juicy.

Dessert was tiramisu complemented with coffee sauce.

The obligatory fruits again. And they turned on the green lights, hence the funky-coloured pics.

Light refreshments........ Turkey cranberry pate served wuth mixed lettuce and cumberland sauce. I actually finished all of it, though I rarely like cold cuts. This tasted like ham.

The obligatory fruits.

For dinner........appetiser was crayfish tail with egg salad on oakleaf accompanied by ratatouille and bocconcini mozarella cheese.

Main course was seafood oriental.....stir-fried scallops, salmon and prawns with ginger and black beans accompanied by egg fried rice, black mushroom, carrots and baby pak choy. The fried rice was too soggy, everything else was pretty good.

Raspberry tartlette with raspberry sauce.....mmmmmm tangy, sweet and chewy.

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