Monday, April 7, 2008

La Tarte Tropezienne Patisserie, Paris

I was walking down this narrow road, with the Eiffel Tower in mind, cold and hungry from the rain, when the smell and sight of a plethora of desserts greeted me from a little bakery. Of course, here they call it a patisserie.
It looked so warm, inviting and tempting that I just had to go in.

The window display held the bread spread.

My eyes were big like saucers, looking at this delicious spread of sugary goodness. Sort of like Enid Blyton's Enchanted Tree world come alive and all these lovely desserts were growing wild by the roadside, ripe for the picking.

Greedy girl ogles the spread.

Huge buns filled with cream.

I finally settled for the Millefeuille (2 Euros) which was a "cake" made of alternate layers of flaky pastry and rich cream. Excellent, though a tad too rich for one person in one sitting. 3/4 into the Millefeuille, I was having problems swallowing as it was just so sweet! Oh, but I loved it nonetheless.

Next time I'm in a patisserie, I'm going to try the colourful, luscious fruit tarts and eclairs.


jc said...

the top picture with the eifel tower in the distance is gorgeous! the street with the cafes lining it looks cozy! ;)

Jessica said...

jc: i know what you mean, the ernest hemingway stuff.