Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Restoran Aik Yuen, behind Tawakal Hospital, Kuala Lumpur

We were in KL last Friday and ravenous with hunger having spent the whole day at our bridal photoshoot.
Being in the neighbourhood, we went to this restaurant that a friend of mine recommended.

He insisted that we had to order the spicy sour lala (RM12.00) which was what this restaurant was famous for. And they cook lala only in this 1 style at Aik Yuen. So order we did. Loved it! The gravy was lovely and I kept scooping and slurping it. It tasted different from the lala that you find at the economy rice stalls, this one was quite unique, and the bigger thick-shelled species of lala was used.

We also ordered the Sang Har Mee (RM23.00), and as its name suggests, huge prawns came with it. I was somewhat disappointed with this dish as it had a strange strong santan taste that seemed out of place. I would not order it again.
This restaurant is also famous for its hokkien mee (RM6.00 for single serving). This one came laden with lard.....yummmm. This was as good as the one in Jalan 222!

They gave us a big bowl filled with chilli sambal for the hokkien mee. Pretty generous.

I was not able to get this restaurant's address, however, it is behind Tawakal Hospital which is near the Pahang roundabout. Here's Tawakal Hospital's address instead:
Tawakal Hospital
# 202A, Jalan Pahang,
53000 Kuala Lumpur

With Tawakal Hospital on your left, turn left into the little lane that separates Tawakal Hospital from a mechanic shop. Go straight and on your right (directly behind the mechanic shop) is Restoran Aik Yuen.
3-bams for good lala and hokkien mee!


um in reverse with upl as fullback said...

hokkien mee really as good as le 222?

kl here we come...............

[mu wins easily in moscow]

jc said...

haha.. i remember saying, Don't bother with the sang-har mee.
glad you liked the lala.

wmw said...

Sang Har Mee with santan taste??? Well, at least your meal was rescued by the good Hokkien Mee.

Big Boys Oven said...

Oh my god! we were there last night for dinner, it was was awesome! the lala sauce, was incredible delicious! we also ordered the mai fun hokkien style it was awasome and I would shout it loud! the fish cake was good too, RM4 each slab and taste so good with the lala sauce! Hokkien mee was ok only and so is the fish head was a bit of muddy taste. We had 5dishes for 4 person and it was only RM60 so reasonable compare to other places in Kayel! on anothr thing that worth mention is the satay sold by the malays stall was also good I love the beef satay, was so soft and tender! you got it right!

I wonder how is the Sang-har mee here, good? expensive?

um said...

told youse all, mu wins eeeezzzzzllleee in moscow

Kian Hin said...

Hi all, I'm so late to see this. I would like to know how to go to this place. I will be going to KL in April 2009 and staying in Chinatown. Any directions? Which LRT station to stop and such? Thanks for the help.

Anonymous said...


I just notice that the satay stall ad moved...
Do u have any idea for the new location?

Alice said...

Yeah is there anyone know where the satay stall behind tawakal? It is the best satay I have ever had in KL.. so sad that it had moved.. but to where? The beef and chicken tastes so good.. juicy and tender! missing it so so so much ..

Please share if you know where is the new location of the satay stall.. many many thanks...