Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Patisserie madness!

The French LOVE their desserts. And so do I, they are so pretty to look at, and the best part is, they taste as wonderful as they look. Everywhere I go, I see's a thriving business here.

Yesterday I found my first big supermarket in Paris. And it had a huge spread of cakes, tarts, breads, pastries of every kind, at very reasonable prices.I bought the strawberry tarts, 2 for 2.60 Euros.

ALso bought the raspberry tarts, 2 for 2.65 Euros.
This was a bargain, a platter of 6 different desserts, at 4.30 Euros. Still plodding through it.
The following pictures are random shots of the various patisseries that I've passed by and been attracted to check out, like a kid in the candy store.....


Precious Pea said...

Blink blink many yummy looking sweets!

Jessica said...

precious pea: i blinked alot too, when I first came and saw :D