Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My first lunch in Boston

Having had my night turned into day, I was too tired to search and experiment with New England food, and seriously craving Chinese food. Hence trudging to a food court on Washington Street downtown Boston, a few blocks from the Omni Parker House Hotel where I'm shacked up for the week.

My mixed rice platter: sesame chicken, teriyaki chicken sauteed with vegetables and fried rice USD6.07 (includes tax). Ok la, portions were huge, I had trouble finishing it, and at this point I was so hungry that any rice dish will do. I'll explore and blog more tomorrow, when we have our company dinner at McCormick & Shmick's at the famous Faneuil Hall Marketplace.


wmw said...

Haha...yah, those rice platter over in the States can be my two meals :o)

Jessica said...

wmw: that's exactly what i did....ate the remainder for dinner. :D