Thursday, April 10, 2008

Galeries Lafayette, Paris

Yesterday was my last day of wandering around in Paris. Today I'll be flying back to hubby and my kittykins. Decided to check Galeries Lafayette out since it's so famous and all.

Galeries Lafayette actually consists of 3 big buildings, the main building (Lafayette Coupole) sells women's stuff and has a food court at the top floor, the second building (Lafayette Homme) sells men's stuff and has a gourmet supermarket, and the third (Lafayette Maison) sells home decorating stuff. It's a huge departmental store selling mostly designer goods, sort of like Robinsons on steroids.
This is the main concourse area of the main building. At the apex of the ceiling is a dome (not shown here). The walls have beautiful carnival-like ornate fixtures and painting, with latticed grilles at the balconies. Very pretty!

I went to the rooftop, and the view from there was superb. Galeries Lafayette is directly behind the Paris Opera House.

The Eiffel Tower in the distance.

And then I went to the food court which is one level below the roof top. They have a spread of yummy-looking tarts and cakes.

More cakes.

Desserts of every kind.

Even more cake.

The cream/mousse type of desserts in a glass.

I personally picked the bavaroise (3.10 Euros), which is a rich sweet cream-based dessert topped with assorted berries. Sort of like ice cream, just not cold. It was very filling, and very good.
The sitting area of the food court.

The gourmet supermarket section at the men's building (Lafayette Homme) also sells cakes and desserts. Paris is a heaven for the sweet-toothed.


Anonymous said...

so where's the le koay ?

Liang Mui said...

omg!! PARIS, my dream honeymoon place.. hehe...